Database Design and MySQL

Database Design, MySQL Fundamentals and more advanced programming concepts. Learn how to program banks, libraries, etc.
Instructed by: Caleb Curry | Subject: Development, Databases

Database Design and MySQL

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This course is offered to allow for download and anytime use as well as for anybody who wishes to support my YouTube channel. About this course: This is an introductory course that dives into the basics of many topics in databasing, including: Database Design Datatypes Inserting and manipulating data Joins Character sets and collations Storage engines functions and much more. This master course has 3 sub-courses with a total of over 100 videos teaching the absolute basics, intermediate topics, and the start of many advanced databasing concepts that will have you programming databases in no time.

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Instructor   Caleb Curry

My name is Caleb Curry and I have a passion for video and education. I have been creating videos for many years. I first started creating classes 5 years ago. I created some here and there over the years but it has been my primary focus for nearly a year now. June 4th, 2012. I decided to take my skill set to the next level and learn how to professionally program databases as well as websites. After just graduating my Junior year of high school, I did not have a typical summer vacation. Rather, I studied daily and prepared for this new goal of mine. By July 23rd, I uploaded my first class in this new mindset of determination. Since then, I have created over 500 educational classes over database Design, programming, web development, and more. I have also done classes over Audio Production, social networking, Music theory, and a wide variety of interesting topics. On top if this, I continued to create my comedy videos as I have my entire life. I believe I have come a long way in such a short period of time and I would now like to offer payed classes for viewers to download or watch ad free.

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