Learn Angular 5 from Scratch

Here's a 58 minute crash course to get you acquainted with the basics of Angular 5!
Instructed by: Gary Simon | Subject: Development, Web Development

Learn Angular 5 from Scratch

About This Course

Angular 5 has just released and along with it, this brand new course that will provide you with all of the necessary fundamentals to help you get started developing Angular 5 apps. This powerful frontend Javascript framework is actively developed by Google, and it's quite possibly the most popular framework among developers. It allows you to build beautiful and flexible user interfaces with the familiarity of Javascript. This course is less than 60 minutes, which ensures that we're only going to focus on the basics. Surprisingly, you're going to find that these basics will take you quite far!

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Instructor   Gary Simon

Gary Simon is a professional freelance graphics and web designer with well over a decade of experience. Having served over a thousand clients, Gary understands many facets of the design industry. He has also been a course instructor for several of the top online education websites, teaching a wide range of topics including: Web Design Graphic Design Mobile / GUI Design 3D Motion Graphics Gary began designing websites in 2000, and just a few years later started focusing on identity design. From that point on, Gary grew a large clientele that allowed him to fully develop skills that extend beyond design alone.

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