TypeScript Design Patterns

Object oriented design patterns allow you to write better and more flexible software!
Instructed by: Xavier Decuyper | Subject: IT & Software, Other

TypeScript Design Patterns

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Object oriented design patterns help you create more robust and flexible software. In this course I will show you how to use these patterns in TypeScript. Design patterns are best practices that will help you solve common problems in programming. There is no need to solve a generic problem that has been solved many times before. Simple example: how do you write a system that allows user to order a product and customize some of its features? There are many possible solutions but they probably won't be as flexible as using a decorator pattern.

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Instructor   Xavier Decuyper

Hi everyone, my name is Xavier. I'm really passionate about technology and I love to teach people new things. It's this passion that has led me to creating easy to follow video tutorials. I started out in 2016 with my YouTube channel and so far I have uploaded over 65 videos. I'm listing to everyone's feedback to improve the quality of my videos further. YouTube is great for video, but it's not ideal for e-learning courses. That's why in 2017 I signed up for Udemy. My ambition is to bring some of my YouTube courses to Udemy for free and to create new series specifically for Udemy.

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