Thinking profoundly about organisational development

Business Improvement - Programme Management- Organisational Development - Learn about a new framework to enhance success
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Thinking profoundly about organisational development

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Organisations are facing multiple and highly complex challenges now and moving forward. Traditional change management, systems improvement, product/service development and capability building models are not as successful as they could be. This is because most organisations only focus on systems and processes rather than a more holistic approach. This course is designed to introduce an organisational development framework based on four key and distinguishable but interrelated areas - Systems, Systems Performance, Capability Building and Transformational Leadership. Learners will be introduced to the Strategic Context in which organisations are in today and the organisational responses required. Learners will receive a basic introduction to the organisational development framework.The course then deep dives into each of the four elements - introducing it, before advising on key questions Organisations should ask to see how successful they are at the particular element, before detailing action steps to be taken to help embed the framework element into their organisation.It is an introductory course only.

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Instructor   Jason Guest

Jason Guest lives in Harpenden, United Kingdom and is the founder of thinkprofoundly limited. Jason has over 15 + years as a Programme/Project Manager and Organisational Improvement Coach, more recently a Service Mobilisation Lead for a large US Global Healthcare Organisation. As the founder of thinkprofoundly, Jason wants to create a community for practitioners who are similar to him and passionate and curious about the future of work, and the interrelationships between four distinguishable elements –Systems, Performance, Capabilities and Leadership. He is passionate about helping people create new, more powerful and innovative ways of improving services for their customers…and then turning these insights into business solutions which embed sustainable continuous improvements in the organisations. As a programme/project management consultant, Jason has worked in companies to mobilise services and products and delivered projects ranging from major IT refresh deployments to embedding a culture of sustainable continuous improvement.

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