Photoshop CC 2015 Top New Features

New Features
Instructed by: Fady S. Reyad | Subject: Design, Graphic Design

Photoshop CC 2015 Top New Features

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in this course I will show you what is new in 2015 Release of adobe photoshop, and how adobe improved that product to make it easy and fast and fun to do the job. Photoshop has some new features like (Artboads, New Guide Layout, Perspective Warp, CC Library, and other features) , and some enhanced features, like (panorama, properties panel, Content-Aware Move tool, and other features), I will talk about both of them:

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Instructor   Fady S. Reyad

Graphic Designer Work with adobe Photoshop for ten years, and work with adobe Illustrator and InDesign for six years. Art Director (Prima Graphic Printhouse) seeing the problems in Printing field and how to solve them, and have a good experience in managing the production in the printhouse between printing, bending, and finishing. And can share these experiences through the records I upload. Graphic Instructor (Information Systems Institute) since 2010

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