Mac Keyboard Shortcuts (OSX) for Beginners & PC Users 2018

Learn to LOVE Your Mac: Master These Keyboard/Trackpad Gestures - Be a Better Presenter, Save Time, & Get More Done!
Instructed by: Lance Wills | Subject: Office Productivity , Apple

Mac Keyboard Shortcuts (OSX) for Beginners & PC Users 2018

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his course is short and to the point. Taught me a lot about my mac, and now with these shortcuts it makes things much easier to do. It has increased my speed while using a mac for sure!" - J.B.

Your Mac is a powerful tool, but you are not getting the most out of it if you aren't comfortable navigating, snapping screenshots and presenting. It doesn't matter if you only browse the web, write, or design assets - learning these skills will make you better at WHATEVER you do. Imagine improving your efficiency by up to as much as 10%-20%!


I recently showed my brother-in-law how to navigate his new Mac that he received for his new job (he was a lifelong PC user). He delivered a presentation the following week and the Executive team was so impressed at how eloquently he navigated among apps, PowerPoint presentations, and supplementary web materials, that they instructed him to teach the entire organization. He shared his praise with me...So this class was born!

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Instructor   Lance Wills

Lance makes concise, smart and cutting-edge courses, and also surveys existing courses and improves upon them (many are too long, watered down, and taught by people who are masquerading as "experts" - Lance only teaches courses where he's a tried and proven professional). Just read his reviews and you will see that enrolling in Lance's courses are a better use of your time.

Lance, a Growth Marketing Consultant, Engineer, and Colorado native wants to help you make more money in your job, be more efficient, & create your first passive income stream, to help you eventually get out of the Rat Race altogether.

Having helped others achieve their business & career goals leveraging these same principles via one-on-one consulting, Lance now wants to help many, many more people by compiling all of these data-driven "gold nugget" tactics into low-cost, step-by-step online courses.

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Mac Keyboard Shortcuts (OSX) for Beginners & PC Users 2018 Mac Keyboard Shortcuts (OSX) for Beginners & PC Users 2018 Reviewed by Acamig Courses on October 14, 2018 Rating: 5
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