Kurs JavaScript - Szybki Start

Wstęp do programowania w języku JavaScript
Instructed by: eduweb.pl - Kursy Wideo | Subject: Development, Programming Languages

Kurs JavaScript - Szybki Start

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Welcome to the introduction to JavaScript! In this material you will get acquainted with the basics of the most popular programming language in the world! If you are just starting your programming adventure, the course you have in front of you is a great introduction that will allow you to get to know the most important JavaScript structures and capabilities without going into advanced concepts that are difficult to understand for beginners.

We prepared this course so that it would be the easiest and most pleasant introduction to the world of JavaScript technology and creating functional websites and websites. However, JavaScript is not just a page, so the material has been prepared in such a way that you can, after assimilating the necessary basics, also take care of the creation of applications for phones or desktops! In the course you will also find an introduction to jQuery, thanks to which you will be able to see how after you learn the basics of JavaScript you will be able to speed up and simplify your work! All the discussed constructions will be processed using practical examples that will allow you to prepare an interesting menu with tabs or handle the form on the website.

This material has been prepared for people who are just starting their adventure with JavaScript and want to get the necessary knowledge to start as soon as possible. This is not another course that has to teach you JavaScript from AZ in tens of hours. In our assessment, such materials may discourage beginners and are overloaded with unnecessary information. Just like learning a foreign language - you can learn grammar, syntax, spelling and spend years at school, or just go abroad for a long vacation and learn a language through conversion, as you use it in reality. The course that you have in front of you is fully compatible with this second approach, which in our opinion allows for a much more effective learning. You will see that it can also be extremely pleasant!

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Instructor   eduweb.pl - Kursy Wideo

Na stronie eduweb znajdziesz multimedialne kursy wideo oprogramowania Adobe, tworzenia grafiki, fotografii, wideo, postprodukcji, projektowania stron WWW - HTML i wiele więcej! Poza kompleksowymi kursami online prowadzimy zajęcia na żywo w ramach Eduweb Live i ścieżek specjalizacji, jak również oferujemy Certyfikaty i wsparcie na każdym etapie nauki. Nasi trenerzy to najwyższej klasy eksperci z branży, którzy na co dzień pracują dla największych firm, dzięki czemu mogą zaprezentować najwyższy poziom praktycznych materiałów szkoleniowych.

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