JavaScript - Beginner's Step By Step Guide

Learn JavaScript from scratch, build a solid foundation with quizzes and coding exercises
Instructed by: Kazi Nasrat Ali | Subject: Development, Programming Languages

JavaScript - Beginner's Step By Step Guide

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In this course, my goal is to help you build a solid foundation on JavaScript even if you have no experience with JavaScript. This course is designed to build concepts via power point presentations, consolidate learning through coding exercises, build confidence via building small projects, quizzes and more.

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Instructor   Kazi Nasrat Ali

Have about 20 years of multi-dimensional experience including: Software Design, Architecture and Development while utilizing full stack technologies. Have strong analytical and communication skills. Have excellent teaching skills. Have taught technology to employees at various levels and also taught high school Math, Physics.

Have wide variety of technology skills including JavaScript, .Net/C#, SQL Server, jQuery, React JS, HTML5, CSS, Web Services, MVC and more.

Have worked at Microsoft as a software consultant for about 10 years. Currently, I am an independent software consultant working with small/medium companies for their software technology needs.

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