How Do Hackers Hack

From Buffer Overflows to APTs
Instructed by: ZDResearch Training | Subject: IT & Software, Network & Security

How Do Hackers Hack

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What is the extent of hackers' power? Can they really take control of traffic lights and our entire world? Are hackers superheroes? Someone told me he would hack me online, should I be afraid?

These are all good questions asked by people whom are not very familiar with cybersecurity. In this concise course, we will explain how hackers hack. Once you know how they hack, you will know its limits, and you can protect yourself against it knowingly.

This course will take you on a quick journey to understand exactly how hacking works, and what skills, tools and techniques hackers use to compromise computer systems. It will debunk some hacker myths, while confirming others, it will show you hands-on demos of hacking systems, it will explain the difficulties involved in hacking, it will teach you how to defend yourself against hackers, and finally it tells you how you can become a hacker.

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Instructor   ZDResearch Training

ZDResearch is a cybersecurity research and training firm consisting of some of the world's best known hackers. We provide high-quality, hands-on cybersecurity trainings that teaches actual secrets of the trade.

Our instructors have reported many critical vulnerabilities to open source projects and popular websites such as facebook, google, etc. They have also served as security engineers in some of the world best companies, including Google, Facebook and Intel.

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