Fun with JavaScript: Building an Xbox 360 Controller Module

Adding a fun way for users to interact with your applications
Instructed by: Tony Thorsen | Subject: Development, Programming Languages

Fun with JavaScript: Building an Xbox 360 Controller Module

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I enjoy finding new uses for old technologies. Not being much of a gamer these days, I was tempted to get rid of my old Xbox 360 console, as it just sits and collects dust. Realizing I wouldn't get much for it, though, I decided to see if I could repurpose it, instead.

I'm still not sure what to do with the console itself, but I did find that I could connect my controllers to my PC and use them as input devices in Node.js applications, which opened up a whole new world of possibilities.

In this course, I am going to show you how to build a Node.js module that you can import into your own applications, which will allow you and your users to utilize Xbox 360 controllers as input devices.

In order to follow along with the demos in this course, you will need a wireless Xbox 360 controller and a Microsoft USB gaming receiver.

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Instructor   Tony Thorsen

Hi. I’m Tony – creator, founder, and Chief Masher Upper of Dev Mashup. I am a Maker and multipotentialite at heart, and I enjoy dabbling in and exploring many different areas.

I'm very passionate about technology and mentoring others. My goal is to show that passion through teaching these courses in hopes of helping you grow as a developer.

I have over a decade of development experience. I love tinkering with technologies of any kind and try to remain platform agnostic. I'm not a die-hard Mac, Linux or Windows guy, and use all of them on a semi-regular basis, though most of my experience has come on the Windows platform.

In terms of development, most of my experience has been with .NET, namely C#. I have done projects in Java, as well, and have some experience with C/C++. I have also worked with web technologies, such as Angular, HTML, CSS and a host of other JS libraries. REST & SOAP technologies like WCF and WebAPI, as well as in Node JS and Golang, round out most of my server-side/backend technology experiences. In terms of database management systems, I have worked with Oracle, MySQL and SQL Server (2000, 2005, 2008) over the years. I have created a couple of iOS and Windows Phone apps, so I have a bit of experience with Objective-C and XAML/Silverlight, as well.

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Fun with JavaScript: Building an Xbox 360 Controller Module Fun with JavaScript: Building an Xbox 360 Controller Module Reviewed by Acamig Courses on December 15, 2018 Rating: 5
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