Financial Market Environment & Investment Strategies

Know the basics of investment and portfolio management strategies linking with the players & nature of financial markets
Instructed by: Md Mohan Uddin | Subject: Business , Finance

Financial Market Environment & Investment Strategies

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As an investor in the financial market securities like stocks, bonds, funds, or financial derivatives, we should know the structure and players of the financial markets. This would make it possible to formulate and employ better investment management strategies and a greater success.

Knowledge of the nature of financial assets, financial market participants, competition and its impact in the financial market, and types of investment management strategies and actions can start preparing one as well-informed, smart, and wise investor who could outperform many others just following others' actions and/or rumors in the market.

Hence, the aim of this course is to introduce the students with financial and real assets for investment, investment setting in the financial markets, and the basic investment management decisions and strategies.

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Instructor   Md Mohan Uddin

Md Mohan Uddin enjoys making learning and instruction videos and is very much excited to get a platform like Udemy, where he can utilize those technologies for the purpose of reaching a large number of learners worldwide. During his academic career, he has been teaching undergraduate/graduate level business and finance courses since 2003. The courses he taught include: Corporate Finance, International Finance, Financial Management, Principles of Finance, Investment Analysis, Bank Management, Banking & Insurance, Project Management, Strategic Management, and Computer Applications in Business. He has got his Bachelor of Business Administration and Master of Business Administration degrees majoring in Finance and Banking from University of Dhaka, Bangladesh and his Doctor of Philosophy in Finance from Universiti Utara Malaysia. Currently he is working as Associate Professor of Finance at United International University. Before that, he worked as Senior Lecturer in Finance at Universiti Utara Malaysia, as Assistant Professor at United International University, and as Lecturer in Finance at two other universities all in Dhaka, Bangladesh. In addition to presenting research papers in international conferences he has also been active in publishing research articles in different local and international journals in the area of finance. His area of interest includes corporate finance, capital market and its regulation, international finance, and small business finance.

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