Excel: Application of Pivot Table in AML/CFT Investigations

Analysing Bank Account Statements
Instructed by: Nasiru Musa | Subject: Office Productivity , Microsoft

Excel: Application of Pivot Table in AML/CFT Investigations

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Excel features and functions can be utilized effectively as a data analysis tool in Anti-Money Laundering (AML) , Combating Terrorist Financing (CFT) analysis and investigation

Pivot table is regarded by some AML/CFT experts as the most powerful feature of excel , this is because of its ability to summarize, filter and extract data sets from an array table of thousands of financial transactions , providing the analyst / investigator the necessary tool to establish evidence of illicit activities from bank account statements even in very complex money laundering and terrorist financing cases

The course is a step by step practical demonstration of the application of Pivot tables in analyzing bank account statements in AML/CFT investigation. The course will also have excel exercises and a practical case study exercise with both video and excel spread sheet solutions The course is the first in a series of courses that i will be publishing on AML/CFT analysis and investigation

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Instructor   Nasiru Musa

Nasiru Musa has a BSc In Accounting from ABU Zaria (Nigeria) , MSc Information systems from the university of Liverpool and a Post graduate certificate in corruption studies from the Hong Kong University, he is also a certified anti money laundering specialist (CAMS) ,he has several years of experience in Auditing, Financial Investigation, Information systems and Law enforcement intelligence analysis.

He has worked for over 8 years in the Nigerian Financial Intelligence Unit , where he has lead several teams in cases bordering on Corruption, Human trafficking , illicit drug financial investigations , Money laundering and Terrorist financing. He is currently a trainer and a training administrator with the training academy of the prestigious economic and financial crimes commission (EFCC) in Nigeria.

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