Create WordPress Website 2018 with SEO & HTTPS - Free

Follow step by step video to be confidently able to setup your own secure HTTPS WordPress business website
Instructed by: Kim Muellner | Subject: Design, Web Design

Create WordPress Website 2018 with SEO & HTTPS - Free

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Create WordPress website 2018 today, with this step-by-step video. We will build a WordPress website with latest 2018 version of WordPress when this video was created. Google, as the biggest Search Engine at the moment, published the news on February 2018, starting from July 2018, the new release of Chrome 68 browser, that this browser will mark ALL non-HTTPS websites as "Not Secure" for your visitors. Just type "A secure web is here to stay" on Google, and you will be able to find and read that news. Who would want to make your visitors feel unsure visiting your website?

That is the reason why I encourage you to build your website to have HTTPS from the beginning rather than building your website on HTTP, and eventually you will want to have the HTTPS version later on. Converting HTTP to HTTPS while the website has been running cost so much time, efforts and complicated for beginners. Why wouldn't we want to save our times, efforts, and headache?

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Instructor   Kim Muellner

I am a passionate WordPress user since 2010, and love to teach people WordPress with video tutorials. I want to help people to build or create their own WordPress website that will benefit them for a long term. This said, I don't want them to repeat my own mistakes when I was once new to WordPress. I want to show them my mistake so they won't repeat this to have a solid WordPress websites. I also want to give them tips and tutorials that I learn from my own experiences using WordPress since 2010. Thank you for reading my biography, see you around.

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