Sketchup Architect Beginner Fast Track

Learn the fundamental tools necessary to model with SketchUp
Instructed by: Thomas Soltren | Subject: Design, Architectural Design

Sketchup Architect Beginner Fast Track

About This Course

This course is designed for beginners and those who want to gain a solid foundation with SketchUp. We will go over getting started with SketchUp and how to use the most common tools used to build architectural models. We will also go over some useful tips I have learned along the way. Lets get started

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Instructor   Thomas Soltren

I have 20 years experience working and studying in the architectural field, I have designed dog houses to multi-million dollar homes and commercial buildings. The last 5 years I have focused primarily on 3D modeling. My 3D models are used for design development, marketing, Investor presentations and submittals for plan approval. I have built over 1,000 3D models and I have found SketchUp to be the best tool for the job. I decided to create this course to share some of the methods that I have used and continue to use to quickly model my projects. I look forward to working and hearing back from students who take this course.

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