Adobe After Effects CC: Tips and Tricks

Speed up your After Effects workflow
Instructed by: Jonathon Parker | Subject: Design, 3D & Animation

Adobe After Effects CC: Tips and Tricks

About This Course

After receiving excellent feedback and five star ratings from my first Udemy course, I have decided to give something back with a completely free course that shows you some simple tricks and techniques to improve your workflow. I have also received great feedback from my YouTube channel videos, of which you can find a link to on my profile.

I’ve needed a course like this! My animations have been looking too rigid but looking at some of the lessons I’m so excited for the outcome! I’m learning fast but with time to practice all the skills I’ve learnt with the assignments. Thank for creating this! – Timothy Stone – (UDEMY) So looking forward to this course after watching your YouTube tutorials! Good value with so many resources! – Josh Bright – (UDEMY) Really easy to understand. – Joe Lee – (UDEMY) Thanks for these amazing Tutorials, great work as always! Never stop posting cause these are all amazing help for beginners like myself! – Danny M – (YOUTUBE)

Course Description

Adobe After Effects CC: Tips & Tricks, is built around getting you, the student, working faster and more economically within Adobe After Effects…and…its FREE!. I have been teaching Adobe After Effects for many years and I have seen students make the same mistakes over and over again, this course is built on ensuring you do not mak these mistakes. The course is constructed out of multiple screencasts which shows you how to get After Effects running faster, how to avoid common errors and mistakes and simple ways to craete faster animations faster and better! As this is a ‘How To’ course and not a ‘skills progression’ course, there are no assignments within this however I have still set you a little task at the end of the course if you wish to undertake it! If you do be sure to tweet me your final work! (My twitter can be found on my profile). The first section of the course is a welcome lecture where I talk about how the course will work and how you can communicate any questions or issues to myself. The next session dives right into Adobe After Effects and looks at how we can modify After Effects preferences to make the software run faster and better for us, we then look at 20 quick tips to speed up your workflow, then we take a look at best practices for rendering with Adobe Media Encoder and finally, the course ends with the top 5 mistakes I see students making in after effects, and how to avoid them.

Main Key Points

Given my background in teaching, this course has been designed with you, the learner, in mind. There are a few PDF resources made available to you throughout this course, so, if you are someone who learns by reading, you are covered, If you learn better by doing, there is a practice assignment at the end of this course, so you are also covered and if you learn better by watching and listening then you are also covered! This course is inclusive of all types of learning to give you the best possible education in Adobe After Effects.

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Instructor   Jonathon Parker

My name is Jonathon Parker, a Motion Graphics and Visual Effects lecturer from the UK. Firstly, a little background about me! I have always been the creative type and always strive to improve and push my creative skills further and further.

As stated above I am already teaching in the UK as a Motion Graphics and VFX lecturer – The difference with my courses will be the fact that they come from an educator, not someone doing this just in their spare time! All my courses focus on teaching and assessment. I will teach you a few skills and then set you an assignment to check that those skills have been learnt. I also see the importance of generating handouts and resources for the student, so I have included these in my courses also!

I have a First-Class BA (HONS) in Visual Effects and motion graphics, and also a Masters in Animation. After working a few years in industry, I would occasionally guest lecture at the college I used to attend. After doing this I decided to go into teaching full time where I achieved my teaching qualification.

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