Web Development Concepts with Scriptcase

For those who want to start programming with web technologies!
Instructed by: Carlos Ferreira | Subject: Development, Web Development

Web Development Concepts with Scriptcase

About This Course

The web development course is a 10 hour online with a certificated instructor. It is divided into 10 live classes. During the course we’ll be seeing Data Modeling with MySQL, HTML5, CSS3, JS5 and PHP, all that applied to Scriptcase. It is recommended for those who want to start programming with web technologies using Scriptcase and looking to acquire the basic knowledge to customize Web Applications.

All classes are going to be available inside a Distance Learning System for the student watch it on demand as many times as needed for 90 days. There will be also an online cloud hosted Scriptcase for the student follow up and practice what was shown during the course.

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Instructor   Carlos Ferreira

I’m the kind of person that’s always looking for new challenges. An enthusiastic, ambitious and hard working, logically minded individual, I also enjoy working within a busy team environment, in addition to being able to work with no supervision using my own initiative to achieve the desired results and help out my colleagues in need. I consider myself a proactive and I always try to be ahead with my obligations. My experience with teamwork has been the best, since I have a very good communicative skill level due to by experience out of the country and learning new ways on how talk with different tempered people. I spent 10 years in the USA and I learned a lot from their culture and their ways of work.

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