Scrivener | Back up to Dropbox and Jazz up Your Interface

How to Back up, Manage and Retrieve Your Work Using Dropbox and Customize Your Scrivener User Interface
Instructed by: Karen Prince | Subject: Business , Media

Scrivener | Back up to Dropbox and Jazz up Your Interface

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PLEASE NOTE That this is an excerpt from Scrivener | Everything You Need to Know from Idea to Launch. If you are enrolled in that course you have no need for this one. Never lose your hard earned work again. Dropbox is a cloud storage system that allows you to access data over the internet instead of using your computer's hard drive. This means that you can back up your Scrivener projects inside your Dropbox account and access them from any of your other devices that have Scrivener installed even if your computer is lost or crashes.

In just 15 minutes I'm going to show you how to open a Dropbox account and get your Scrivener software to redirect your backup folders to it. Then I'm going to show you how to store your actual Scrivener projects on Dropbox so that you can switch between any of your computers that have scrivener installed whenever you want to work on your projects.

Then I am going to show you some of the useful ways you can adjust the colors of the Scrivener user interface for optimum readability as well as how to assign different label colors to your documents and have them show up in your binder, on your index cards and in your rows when you are in the list style outliner view.

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Instructor   Karen Prince

My writing life began when I decided to write a quick novel while I was between Interior Design jobs because that was what I had always wanted to do — Yeah, Right! It was a lot harder than I expected. I bought Scrivener, learned a couple of the main functions and got to work on my novel. It was only at the end of the novel that I discovered I could convert my manuscript to .mobi for Kindle right there inside Scrivener. Upon closer inspection I discovered that Scrivener had some fantastic functions that I had hardly begun to tap in to. I was hooked. Before I knew it, I had told all my writing friends about this cool new thing and was offering to convert their manuscripts, and was urging them to switch to Scrivener in order to convert their own manuscripts. In my enthusiasm I inadvertently ended up being the 'the go' to person for their Scrivener problems so I had to learn Scrivener fast.

Once I delved deeper into the software, I could have kicked myself for not learning it properly in the first place. The time I could have saved! Don't get me wrong. Knowing your way around Scrivener does not make you a better writer — you have to learn that skill separately — but it sure does make everything else in your writing project easier.

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