Learn Linux on a MAC

Your very own Linux lab on your MAC
Instructed by: Michael Mullins | Subject: IT & Software, Operating Systems

Learn Linux on a MAC

About This Course

This primary aim of this short course is to help MAC users install and test a virtual Ubuntu Linux server on VirtualBox, in around an hour. Although becoming an expert in Linux will take some years, it is not difficult to get a basic server up and running and to get a taste of Linux in an hour.

Linux is very widely used now in Internet infrastructure like Web servers, in Public Cloud infrastructure like Amazon AWS and in Private Clouds running on OpenStack. So it will be really worth your while to get some basic experience on the Linux OS before you start working on Cloud servers.

The two great things about running a VM on your MAC are (i) if it goes wrong, you can easily delete it and start again and (ii) you can work offline without an Internet connection. I hope you benefit from the value of this short course. I really enjoyed putting it together for you.

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Instructor   Michael Mullins

I've been working with computers and electronics since I was sixteen and these days I help people around the world learn about and user Cloud Computing. In 1997 I was certified by IBM as an AIX UNIX Advanced Administrator and more recently an IBM Certified Solution Advisor in Cloud Computing Architecture. I have been a Mirantis OpenStack Certified Professional since 2015.

I'm super passionate about Open Source, and especially Linux and Cloud. That's because I've seen first hand how well Linux performs and how fantastic it really is. I teach what I have learned during hundreds of successful hands-on projects. And I'm delighted to have the opportunity to share with you what I have learned the hard way, so it doesn't have to be hard for you. If you want to know more, then please follow me on any of the social media links opposite.

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