How to use Facebook Ads & Instagram to generate ROI

Monetise your business using Facebook Ads and Instagram
Instructed by: Avijit Arya | Subject: Marketing, Digital Marketing

How to use Facebook Ads & Instagram to generate ROI

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Facebook is one platform that we know is growing exponentially every week. In the last 8-12 weeks, Facebook has been rolling out updates like a machine gun. I am blessed to be in a community where I get the chance to learn from experts from different parts of the globe about the newest developments in the world of Digital Marketing. Internet Moguls works with 500+ hotels across the world which is why we have access to the latest updates and trends from the digital world, helping us to become the first movers by implementing them as well.

Find out the latest techniques on how to sell your hotel rooms, Spa, F&B, and Banquet Facilities using Facebook Ads in this video. I have tried to help you explore the sure shot winning tricks that you can use to monetise your hotels using Facebook. Facebook ads are still one of the best ways to drive traffic to your websites and generate revenue. Everybody is doing it but how to do it better and turn your fortune? I assure you that there are many hacks and tricks lined up for you in this course.

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Instructor   Avijit Arya

Avijit Arya, Chief Mogul at Internet Moguls, is a speaker, writer and columnist for social media and online reputation management. He has attended several global social media and digital marketing conferences, as a speaker and also has his very own publication known as Digital Hospitality. The popular magazine is one of its kinds and focuses on Internet marketing for the hospitality vertical. In addition, he contributes leadership opinion articles on adoption of digitalism and online marketing to over 20 Indian as well as overseas publications. Avijit Arya’s LinkedIn profile is graced by testimonials of his expertise, written by some of the world’s biggest clients from a host of verticals.

His company, Internet Moguls, is a marketing-driven agency with presence in Delhi, Mumbai, Dubai and Vancouver. The company specializes in fulfilling the Design, Social and Technology needs of several industries, including hotels, airlines, travel, fashion, Real Estate, Education among others.

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