ComputerCavalry: Command & Conquer

Command Line Basics
Instructed by: Korey Sheppard | Subject: IT & Software, Operating Systems

ComputerCavalry: Command & Conquer

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In this course you will learn the basic, mid, and advance level commands for the command prompt application in windows! Commands such as IPCONFIG, PATHPING, WMIC, and QUERY will all be discussed in detail. Each video averages about 5 min and can viewed as many times as you like!

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Instructor   Korey Sheppard

ComputerCavalry LLC is a provider of computer classes ranging from basic computer skills to advanced IT courses. We provide the common ground between learning new skills from the comfort of your home with real world IT Services.

We use various learning aids to assist in the explanation of computer maintenance and features. Our goal is to remove the intimidation of PC complexity and replace it with memorable simplicity. Whether you’re a “not so tech savvy” User or a seasoned technician at ComputerCavalry there is something here for all levels of familiarity.

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