Building a Facebook Chatbot in Chatfuel

A Comprehensive Guide to Monetizing Messenger for Brands & Businesses
Instructed by: Andrew Demeter | Subject: Marketing, Social Media Marketing

Building a Facebook Chatbot in Chatfuel

About This Course

More than 1 billion people are active on Messenger every month, so why not monetize this platform as part of your/your client's social media marketing strategy?

The beauty is that chatbots are still in their infancy, meaning that very few businesses are using them to sell. This equates to HUGE opportunity for you, as a digital marketer, because deploying a bot will help your brand — and whatever products you're selling — stand out from the competition.

Whether you're a brand consultant, social media marketing agency, or a do-it-yourself small business owner, this course will teach you how to build a Facebook Messenger bot that converts users and puts money in the bank.

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Instructor   Andrew Demeter

Andrew Demeter helps brands monetize conversations with their customers by building Facebook Messenger chatbots that automate e-commerce, lead generation, and customer support. Demeter has built 100+ Messenger experiences for influencers (Prince Ea), travel brands (Contiki), and even major movie studios. He has also consulted with Fortune 500 companies.

What Demeter enjoys most about bots is creating memorable user experiences. Whereas traditional websites require visitors to create an account, enter their personal information, then buy a product, Messenger bots pre-populate Facebook users' profile data. In a world where time is money, Messenger chatbots result in more sales and happier customers.

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