Better management through understanding yourself

Learn how to manage and lead a team through first knowing and understanding yourself as a manager.
Instructed by: Christa Van Greuning | Subject: Business , Management

Better management through understanding yourself

About This Course

One of the most complicated and challenging tasks facing any manager, new or experienced, is managing people. Getting a team of distinctly diverse employees to come together and deliver superior work is hard. The workplace is complex and diverse. It is always changing and being able to adapt to these changes is crucial to being a successful manager. Be a better manager: Better management through understanding yourself provides the skills and understanding that will enable you to develop high-performing and effective teams of satisfied and productive people by first getting to know yourself, your beliefs and your values.

An organization cannot reach its goals and objectives without effective, efficient and productive people. Building strong successful teams is therefore of great importance. Great teams of employees are created through exceptional leadership and management. Being an exceptional manager and leader starts with understanding and managing yourself.

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Instructor   Christa Van Greuning

My name is Christa and I am proudly South African. Being born and raised in such a diverse and multi-cultural country has given me the opportunity to work with, manage and lead a number of culturally divers and unique employees.

I have more than 15 years marketing, sales, customer service & administrative experience and have had the pleasure of working for some of South Africa's largest organisations over the years.

I am currently a marketing & branding consultant for a company based in Germany, where I learn new skills almost on a daily basis. I enjoy learning and see myself as an eternal student. I have a certificate in PR as well as my BCom. Degree in Business Management - majoring in Marketing through the University of South Africa.

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