Planning for Data Collection

Learn about different concepts, tools and tips to consider while collecting data in the field!
Instructed by: SocialCops Academy | Subject: Business , Data & Analytics

Planning for Data Collection

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Master the basic concepts, tools and tips you need to create a stellar data collection plan for your organization in this course. Learn how mobile-based data collection can help you save time, reduce costs and optimize resources in your next data collection exercise.

By understanding the fundamentals of data collection, such as distinguishing between the information which is needed, the information which is available and the information which is useful, you can create an effective strategy to capture the exact data point you need for administering a baseline survey, conducting a market research study, implementing development initiatives or getting feedback about your services.

With mobile-based data collection, you can capture data in various shapes and formats, such as audio, video, photo, geolocations, etc. Automatic database collation and real-time flagging reduces data entry and data loss errors, while increasing the quality and reliability of your data

We will then move on to learning about the opportunities and benefits offered by mobile-based data collection as compared to paper-based data collection, such as better speed, higher accuracy, lower costs and lesser resources. This will be followed by diving deep into the different mobile-based data collection technologies, such as Interactive Voice Response System (IVRS), SMS or interactive SMS (iSMS) and smartphone based data collection apps, and evaluate the different advantages and disadvantages of each technology.

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Instructor   SocialCops Academy

SocialCops is a data intelligence company. We partner with leaders and organizations around the world to make data-driven decisions easier and more effective.

Our platform brings the entire decision-making process to one place — from collecting primary data, accessing secondary data, and merging internal data to visualising data via easy-to-use dashboards. Our platform has been used in various settings - we work with the Ministry of Petroleum to pinpoint exact locations to open 10000 LPG Centers across India to maximise profitability and track 50 million beneficiaries, for strategic investments by Gates Foundation & Unilever to real time monitoring & tracking by Niti Aayog, BASF, World Bank etc.

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