Python Programming - A Media Approach

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Instructed by: Logan Poynter | Subject: Development, Programming Languages

Python Programming - A Media Approach

About This Course

Do you wish you could make a popular app like Instagram, Dropbox, Spotify, or even Google? What do these all have in common you might ask, they are at their roots built with Python. Python is a powerful, multi-use programming language that can be implemented in app development, web development, or even in a desktop environment. All of the basic functions required to get started on YOUR journey to making the next great app, in one location.

Jython is a form of the programming language Python, built and compiled in the Java environment(yes, the web development Java) but still using all of the basic Python functions. It's focus is to introduce these functions in an engaging, interactive form of media manipulation. Taking pictures and changing their colors, speeding up a sound file, flipping a picture upside-down and adding text to it, all of this and more can be accomplished with Jython.

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Instructor   Logan Poynter

My name is Logan Poynter; I'm a 19 year old college student aspiring to become a Computer Science teacher. I have been fascinated by technology since I was a young child and it is my hope to share my passion as well as my current, and continuing, knowledge with other young like-minded individuals seeking a future in the area of Computer Science.

My goals are to bring students the basic knowledge of Computer Science. This including, but not limited to: the history of computing, components of a computer/building of a computer system, navigating a computer's operating system, managing users/files/services, networking essentials, computer programming, virtualization, and the ethical responsibilities of a CIT professional.

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