A complete guide to Microsoft Word 2013

Learn the essential as well as the advanced features in Microsoft Word 2013 in an easy and compelling way.
Instructed by: ioniya . | Subject: IT & Software, IT Certification

A complete guide to Microsoft Word 2013

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Are you a beginner trying to come to grip with this amazing tool or are you an everyday user who wants to learn to use this tool effectively and efficiently to save time? If your answer is yes to either of the questions then this course is what you have been looking for!

Microsoft word 2013 is a powerful application which allows you to make impressive documents using its various features which are thoroughly explained in the course, giving you a very clear understanding of its use and implementations.

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Instructor   ioniya .

Ioniya is a video publishing company based in india. Ioniya has created a platform which is trying to bridge the gap between the students and the industries. Authors who have wide knowledge in their fields, help us design our courses which are very practical. We, are an organisation moulding software learning skills to professionals and students bridging the gap between industry specific needs and efficient working. We build the digital literates. We provide an effective method through simulation, a teaching which is very effective and consumes very little time. Ioniya builds an ecosystem in which the learners have a knowledgeable experience in learning from us.

We started with video tutorials for Microsoft office and Engineering softwares like Autocad. We are working on tutorials for many other softwares like Tally, Catia, Weblogic and languages like java,.net etc. With the help of a platform like Udemy, we hope to spread this ocean of knowledge throughout the world.

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