Ubuntu Web Development Setup

How to set up Ubuntu for web development
Instructed by: Ciprian Munteanu | Subject: Development, Development Tools

Ubuntu Web Development Setup

About This Course

This course is useful for those who want to learn Linux, including the basics like how to install programs through repositories, or download the installation package from a website, and how to check and install drivers. Then, we will walk through how to set up a development environment for Ruby on Rails, Nodejs and PHP. We will install a number of code editors, and also the Oh My Zsh shell framework. At the end, you will have a complete system for working and experimenting in.

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Instructor   Ciprian Munteanu

Hi, my name is Ciprian and I am a self-taught programmer and learning enthusiast. Having started working in a freight forwarding company doing financial analysis in Excel, I knew there had to be some better way to approach working with data.

This sparked my interest in programming and I started learning all I could. Some resources were very good, others not so much

My expertise is currently in web technologies: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Ruby on Rails and I would like to share what I know with others.

I'm always working on side projects and keeping up with the latest technology trends because it's my passion.

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