Photoshop CC 2017 Top New Features

Know what happened to adobe photoshop in it's new release CC 2017, to enjoy using the new features perfectly and easily.
Instructed by: Fady S. Reyad | Subject: Design, Graphic Design

Photoshop CC 2017 Top New Features

About This Course

Adobe Photoshop is the most advanced image editor there is, capable of everything from simple retouching, to complex 3D designs and illustrations. The possibilities are endless as it has many features and tools, and fortunately, there are also many tutorials if you want to learn how to use it.

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Instructor   Fady S. Reyad

Work with adobe Photoshop for ten years, and work with adobe Illustrator and InDesign for six years.

seeing the problems in Printing field and how to solve them, and have a good experience in managing the production in the printhouse between printing, bending, and finishing.

And can share these experiences through the records I upload.

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