Complete PowerPoint 2016 Guide: Master Presentation Skills

Master presentation skills for PowerPoint 2016. Create stunning and professional presentations to Impress your employer
Instructed by: Victoria White | Subject: IT & Software, Microsoft

Complete PowerPoint 2016 Guide: Master Presentation Skills

About This Course

Hi there, my name is Victoria White and I will be your instructor for this presentation on Udemy. I would like to welcome you to my course The Complete Beginner’s Guide to PowerPoint 2016 - How to Master The Art of Presentation Making.

PowerPoint is used to help communicate with your audience on a higher level. Not just with words but also many visual aspects as well. Learning the basics can set you a part from everyone. There are many creative ways to use the basic elements that will be shown in this course to create an outstanding presentation. This is the ONLY course that will teach you how to properly use each basic function to its maximum potential.

Each lecture is simplified at a beginner level, in order to teach anyone and everyone at all levels the simplest and easiest version of how to use PowerPoint. Lectures are specified on individual sections for less confusion. Straight to the point videos with little to no rambling.

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Instructor   Victoria White

Hello there my name is Victoria White and thank you for taking the time to read my biography on Udemy!

I have always loved learning about new things, as well as teaching all the knowledge that I know to my fellow students and anyone willing to learn.

I hold a great deal of knowledge, specializing in various areas from, computers, marketing and business to programming, health, entrepreneurship, and more.

I know you’ll love all my courses as I created them with students in mind, making them extremely user friendly. I know after taking my courses, you’ll gain all the knowledge that I have accumulated over the years. I guarantee that you will be able to use them in great ways such as advancing your career, getting that raise and promotion you always wanted and deserved.

Course Info

  • Level: Beginner
  • 18 Lectures
  • 1 Hours
  • Topic: PowerPoint
  • Language: English
  • Subject: IT & Software, Microsoft
  • Last updated on December 2016
  • Provider: Udemy
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