Android Development for Beginners

This course is part of the Android Basics Nanodegree by Google
Instructed by: Google | Subject: Development, Mobile Apps

Android Development for Beginners

About This Course

Learn the basics of Android and Java programming, and take the first step on your journey to becoming an Android developer!

This course is designed for students who are new to programming, and want to learn how to build Android apps. You don’t need any programming experience to take this course. If you’ve been using a smartphone to surf the web and chat with friends, then you’re our perfect target student!

Learning anything new can be tough. We will walk you through the process of making Android apps, but to get the most out of this course, you must bring your enthusiasm for learning, and budget time on your calendar to learn with us.

By the end of the course, you’ll build two simple (but powerful) apps that you can share with your friends. We also hope that you will learn enough through this course to decide how best to continue your journey as an Android app developer, if you're interested in pursuing such a path.


Instructor   Google

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